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We supply farming equipment, air conditioning for farming sheds and all other kinds of farming supplies to the Western Australia area. 

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The most common building to store and house your goods and animals are barns. These can range in size and shape, but they’ll typically be filled with hay and constructed with wood. Although they aren’t invincible, they can go a long way to securing your property, but unfortunately they do suffer with a weakness to fire and other acts of nature. Because of this, it’s becoming more and more common to replace wooden barns with metal alternatives as we’ll discuss next.

When it comes to hay sheds and machinery sheds, furnace cleaning, and industrial supplies nothing quite says protection and security like a steel shed that can protect from even the most severe weather. The whole concern of fire damage is almost nullified as these types of sheds are completely fire proof and can repel even the hottest flames. It’s not just their material that makes them ideal for protecting your machinery; it’s the way that they’re built that really separates them from wooden sheds. Where timber sheds can lose strength and durability over time which can often result in collapse or deterioration; steel sheds suffer no such consequences. They can stand the test of time and remain upright throughout the years and outlast their wooden equivalents by a long way.

Storage Of Flammable Chemicals On Farms – Protecting Your Equipment

When it comes to protecting equipment and materials, there’s nothing that can be quite as devastating as damage from fire. Fires are responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths each year, and with so many causes of fire; this number will continue to cause damage if proper safety measures aren’t followed. With the use of a flammable storage cabinet, the risk of fire damage for all contents within the storage cabinet are entirely nullified, so let’s take a look at what makes them so useful.

Fire Protection

Unlike other types of wooden, plastic or metal storage cabinets/ shelving units – an anti-flammable storage cabinet can resist the effects of heat from fire and other external sources. Their unique material comprises entirely flame-proof properties, and the result is that the interior won’t even change temperature; ensuring that all contents remain fully protected.

Ease of Installation

This major benefit is sometimes overlooked in favour of performance, but the truth is that a cabinet that can be installed easily can help to save time and effort when compared to cabinets that require cutting, drilling and screwing-in. Most flammable storage cabinets are available in easy to install pieces, and these pieces can simply be fitted together in no time at all. What’s more is that once constructed; the sturdy design is more than capable of withstanding all but the most intense of damage.


Wooden, plastic or metal cabinets can often be cumbersome and don’t leave much room for manoeuvrability. All fire-resistant cabinets possess a lightweight material that doesn’t detract from its fire-resistant properties. What this means as far as portability goes, is that a flammable storage cabinet can be constructed and placed within a specific location for a certain amount of time (perhaps to avoid direct sunlight), and then transported to another location without difficulty. Rather than having to screw the cabinet in to the wall or ground, it makes much more sense to keep them portable as they are sturdy enough to avoid toppling without the need for securing.

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Another major advantage of using a fire-resistant cabinet is the space that they will take up. Shelves and other solid cabinets will often become quite an eye-sore within most homes or out-houses, and their chunky nature plays a major role in this instance. Flammable storage cabinets are lightweight, portable and easy to install, so setting one (or more) up out of the way is incredibly straight forward. Once properly installed, they’ll take up minimal space and there are even models that possess sliding doors to minimise the need to open access points outwards.

Storage cabinets are a common sight within most homes, and in the unfortunate event of fire; it’s very likely that all contents will be damaged or destroyed. Using an anti-flammable storage cabinet negates the concern of fire damage, and they are often the last thing standing within locations that have suffered fire damage – so they are certainly worth picking up from your local supplier.

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If there are a couple of things that you can expect to see on farms, it’s animals, crops and the odd barn or two. Whether you’re an avid farmer with acres of land, or an individual simply hoping to replicate the security of barn yards and similar buildings; you can’t go wrong with a high quality storage shed to protect your belongings from the perils of being outdoors. So what sort of options do you have when it comes to protecting your farm equipment?.