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solar power for farmers in WA

solar power for farmers in WA

The Benefits of Solar Hot Water Panels

Green Energy WA have been putting solar panels  to good use for a couple of decades now and they’ve helped home owners to minimise their energy bills and decrease their impact on the environment; without having to sacrifice on their hot water in the process. In most homes, electricity is responsible for heating up water, but the potential of solar hot water panels extends the same advantages, without the expense.

How do sun panels work?

Once installed, a panel will absorb the light from the sun and then convert it into energy. It does this via individual coils that help to transfer the energy as the flat surface of the panels are exposed to the rays. Once absorbed, the energy will be transferred into a unit that stores this energy in much the same way as a battery.

It will keep the energy safe and transmit it to water systems whenever needed. As with batteries, this energy will begin to ebb over time, but that’s the beauty of solar power – as long as the sun is out, the energy levels will continue to be replenished. Even in the winter, the flat surfaces are capable of harvesting even the subtlest traces of sunlight and affording residents a consistent supply of warm water.

The true power is only recognised during those hotter months however, and it’s at these times that a household can enjoy hot water all day long – without having to rely on electrical power. This in itself boasts a variety of benefits that traditional homes aren’t privy to.

The types of advantages offered by solar systems

As briefly mentioned above, one of the main benefits relates to the reduction in energy usage. Less energy usage means cheaper bills and this is something that all home owners will aspire to achieve. The sun’s rays are free to use and so converting them into energy will make it a possibility to all but eliminate the need to rely on electricity for hot water.

It’s not just the financial savings that are worth thinking about either, in fact with global warming being the hot topic that it has become over the past few years, panel owners will also benefit from the fact that they are consuming less energy. The less electrical energy that they use, the smaller their environmental footprint will be.

If a single house contributes to global warming by using electricity, it is only logical that implementing other methods can be beneficial to the world as a whole. The more people rely on natural sunlight, the less electricity will be used and the less of an impact humanity will have on our planet.

As the sunlight acts to heat water, residents won’t need to sacrifice warm water and daily routines can continue as usual; albeit in a far cheaper and more economically friendly manner.

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